Lyrics : BEWARE

Ay, We gon make you bleed!
Snatch them diamonds out yo teeth, boy
Bat’ll f**kin rattle when it’s shatterin yo knees
Ima different breed
I done told u I’m OP, boy
Blade replace the strap I f**kin love it when they scream [x2]

pu**y n***a wanna run
Saw him reachin for dat gun
Slash the blade across his gut
N Dump his body in my trunk!
Ay she say she like it rough
Until i liquidize her guts
Im offa perc I’m not gon bust
Until the sun is comin up

GTA im wasted
Im faded
Don’t know if I’m gon make it
My parachute ripped open know I’m pukin once I taste it

Stickmy blade in
Get payment
Got blood money my savings
b*t*h I’m feelin f**kin Kratos how I’m blinded when I’m raging