Lyrics : Swisher

I'ma pull the b*t*h like a trigger, ayy
f**k her in the Tommy Hilfigers, ayy
I'm around the Tommy Hilfiger, ayy

I'ma pull the b*t*h like a trigger, ayy
f**k her in the Tommy Hilfigers, ayy
n***as never seen me, get the picture, ayy
We smoke sh*t like Swishers, ayy
Backwoods, roll no Swishers, ayy
Pose for the photo like a picture, ayy
I'ma mix the pills with the liquor, ayy
Probably put a n***a down quicker, ayy

Playin' in the Gatorade
Gold on me Flavor Flav, ayy
It's a drill like Major Pain
Got prince in my double cup, purple reign, ayy
Throwin' hands and I'm throwin' shade
You n***a want beef, cook 'em up, lo mein
I ain't broke, b*t*h, you know that I'm too paid
I don't gotta lay down for me to get laid
Took her to my hotel room
f**ked her in my hotel room
I'ma take her to her doom
Welcome to Hell, oh
I just wanna take my shrooms
I just wanna see the room
I don't even know if she's there
My hallucinations seem real
I admit it
I was off the shrooms when I hit it
Felt like yesterday, I was askin' for your digits
Now I'm in it
Put it in your mouth like a dentist
Hate me or not
Your b*t*h'll pop
She give me top when she pull to my spot
You gave her your heart, best part of the plot
You f**ked up while I f**ked, her