Lyrics : Give Me My Fix

Okay it's 4am (okay), I might fall in (Okay)
When she not by my side, her I stay calling (Okay)
pu**y good, got me hooked, I'm her drug addict (Okay)
Fell in love with her like my new Patek
Tell me what is love, I ain't good at it
She ain't talk to make a n***a take a crack addict
Girl give me my fix, crack addict
I said b*t*h give me my fix, I'm a crack addict

Okay bae, excuse my french
You not no b*t*h, but you my b*t*h just how it is
Bad b*t*h it's that
Roll my tongue down your hips, give the kitty a kiss
pu**y is powering, you're powerful as sh*t, love
I f**k her with my eyes closed (yeah), then I feel high
I open up my eyes (yeah yeah), woah, overwhelmingly close
Don't keep them legs closed (yeah), let me in, love
You are my drug (yeah yeah), and I'm tryna catch a overdose
Can you feel it? (Yes)
Cause I know damn well I can feel it (For real)
n***a ride me, pop you a wheelie (On god)
n***a you did say you was from Philly, right (You did)
You do got me in my feelings, right (Ya dig?)
You always have me feeling right (Ya dig?)
You mixing my d**k with liquor right?
You loved it when I lick it right?
Your pants got that way to the money
You know that I'm the n***a, right? (I am)
You know that I'm that n***a, right? (I am)
I'm afraid to pull that trigger, right (On god)
I pull you like a trigger, right (Yeah)
My shovel out I dig...