Lyrics : Racks In

Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh
Racks in
Racks in
Uh, yeah, uh, one (Racks in)
I'ma try to one take this b*t*h, uh, uh
Let's go

Uh, racks off (Let's go, racks off)
Uh, racks in (Racks in)
Uh, Saks Fifth, I just spent about ten (About ten, yeah)
Racks off (Uh)
Uh, cha-ching, racks in (Racks in)
Uh, Saks Fifth, I just spent about ten (About ten, yeah)
Uh, new b*t*h, uh, uh, new Benz (Uh, uh)
Uh, left her old friends, got some new friends
Guess what I did, I f**ked on her new friends
Guess where I did it, in the back of my Benz (For real), ha, ha, ha, ha

Chopper go gra gra, got money like yeah, yeah
Shout to them killers over Eastbound or Rock block
Swerving 'round with my ten bands back, just watch
f**k it though it's fifty in my pocket (Uh)
A hunnid in my wallet (Yeah)
Run up on me then I'll pop it
Your b*t*h on my line, I just might take her shoppin'
Oops, I ain't buyin' nothin' (Haha)
Yeah, but she could watch me, buy a whole new closet
Elliate and Johnny Dang, I ain't with the Icebox rocks (Gling)
n***a we got hella range, you know it's a beam on the Glock
I done been through hella things, I ain't goin' back, no, no
They call me a big shot, I make more than your job
n***a you suck like blowjob
Your ho give me a blowjob
They heard your sh*t, they said it's weak but Juice WRLD sh*t go so hard
Yeah, try me if you want, 150 in your lawn
Homi if you want, n***a, we bear armed