Lyrics : Racks*

Somethin' somethin'
Somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin'
Huh? Yeah, uh

Everyday chasin' the racks
They ask where I'm from, it's the 'Raq
18 I came up on a sac n***a
Everybody wanna pat me on the back
Everybody wanna tell me congrats
You ain't gotta do all that
But yeah, you weren't with me in the trap
My wrist a Ferrari, I'm talkin' tarantula
Look at my bank account, sh*t is gargantuan
I'm not from this planet, I'm feeling like an alien
Your n***a a dummy, he just like a mannequin
I'm fresh to death, yeah, I feel like a mannequin

Have [?] savage [?]
You f**k with my friends, my girl, or my momma
I'm putting a hit on your whole f**kin' family
Both of my wrists on freezer, hard to believe like Black Jesus
I got a choppa that'll send you to hell like you just slapped Jesus
ask you sh*t, you ain't nothing but [?], huh
Jesus pieces, huh? Just hoes, reeses' pieces
I'm a funny ass n***a, ain't I?
Cops on the beat, I'ma drive like a pint