Lyrics : Oceans (V’s On The Sosa)

Waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, wavy
(Wheezy outta here, Juice)
Waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, waves, wavy

Look at this wave, look at this wave, let's go surf
Real high wave (Real high wave), got a real real waves (Let's go surf)
If you look at this wave-wave-wave, you could take you a ride (Surf)
We just cook up the wave-wave-wave, and let y'all n***as bite it
If you look at this wave-wave-wave, I see you I'm a spy
I can surf in the ocean or the bay, when it's low, when it's high
I can get you a surfboard with some training wheels if you try
I been rockin' these Gucci goggles so the water don't get in my eyes

She love the wave-wave-wave-wave, we made love
That's the wavy-wavy-wavy-wavy love
I be so high I fade away wavy drugs
Can't do clean, still sippin' on dirty mud
She says I take too many drugs, that is a problem
Still knock it out like I play for the Dodgers
Rollin' with Thugger, my woadie, my partner
Slimey-slatts, goons and the goblins
I need that, money and power
Hundred racks, strip club showers
Don't need a perc to f**k her for hours
My love pu**y got super powers
Woah wavy, yes so, uh
All these hoes mad 'cause they wanna [?]
Back when I was down bad, was stuck in the mud
Now a n***a done cleaned up, Louis V‘s on the Sosa, waves, wave