Lyrics : Good Time

Where am I at? I'm in paradise
I'm actually FaceTimin', not FaceTimin', I'm slow
I'm on Instagram Live from Heaven, huh
I made it y'all, I'm up here, I'm boolin'

I hop in the car with my friends and play my song
I hope the memories we make last all life long, yeah
I hop in the car with my friends and play my song, song
Ain't no telling where we'll end up (Got the [?], baby)
Daytrip took it to ten, hey

Last night was a blur, so good like wasn't sure
If we made love or if we made something more
Last thing I remember is me walking out the door
Next thing you know woke up on the floor (Uhm)
I don't know whose house this is but I know I'm in Hollywood
Scrambled for my keys, then I stumbled to the car
I look in the backseat, what do I see?
Bro passed out, layin' next to a bad broad
Looks like they had a good time, I must've too
'Cause for some reason I can't remember my night
Reach in my pockets, what do I find?
Half a Percocet, two hundred dollars and a weed pipe
That's when somebody hit my phone line
Sayin' "Yesterday was wild", asking if I'm alright
I don't know what happened, but I wanna know
I guess we gotta do it all over again tonight