Lyrics : Rollin’

Rollin', rollin' out of the kitchen
Down the hall, take a right out the door
We're steppin', steppin', I'm sidewalk strollin'
Everybody's rollin', don't you wanna roll along?

I'm walkin' down the block with my mom and my pop
My sister's in the stroller and guess what she's got?
An ice cream cone, but the ice cream drops
Uh-oh, uh-oh
Hey, sticky, sticky ice cream sitting on the ground
Mom and dad says we'll turn around
A doggie comes along, it's his lucky day
Licks up the treat and joins our parade

Rollin', rollin', we're street patrollin'
Parade's a-goin', don't you wanna join in?
(Don't you wanna join in?)
We're rockin' steady, everybody's ready
We're havin' fun while the sun is overhead
(While the sun is overhead)

See my family, one dog, three cats
There goes Knit Knots chasing his hat
Everybody's happy but my sister's still sad
Uh-oh, uh-oh
Hey, walking up a hill, my sister starts to cry
Hearing music from the other side
What's that sound? What could it be?
Hope it's something that'll make her happy