Lyrics : First Day of School

It's my first day of school, I'm a little scared
There's a lot to do but I'm prepared
To brush my teeth, comb my hair
Get in my seat, mom takes me there
Gonna wave bye-bye, go through the door
Learn a little something that I didn't know before

First day of school and I'm prepared
Oh yeah, oh yeah, alright

I'm gonna be here from 9 to 3
That's an awful long time for me
And I know you're gonna be right back
Gonna see you when I meet you for an after-school snack

Well, I built with blocks and learned to count
Then I made some animal sounds
I had a snack, took a nap
I painted a picture of my cat
Then I went outside, I fell down
I got back up and I ran around
Listened to a story, songs to sing
That's when I heard the school bell ring

I was here for most of the day (Oh no)
There still are plenty of games to play (You know you're right)
And you're waiting in the car outside
I don't wanna leave but I wanna see your smile
You know I love to see your smile