Lyrics : Gotcha

Look out, what was that?

Will you look at him go? Said now he's on a roll
And I don't think we'll catch him up, gotcha
Hey, little buddy, don't you know it isn't funny?
Now when do you think you might stop? Gotcha

Up the stairs, down the stairs
Under the couch he goes
Chasing Warehouse Mouse around
He's fast or maybe we're slow

Oh no, there he goes
Little fella got away again, gotcha
Give us that cheese, we need it please
Don't you know that we are friends? Gotcha

Across the floor, behind the door
He's on the countertop
He shoots right by, though we might try
We just can't make him stop

Where is Warehouse Mouse?
Where is Warehouse Mouse?
He's there, it's Warehouse Mouse
He goes zoom, zoom, a-zoom, zoom, zoom, whoo