Lyrics : Loose Ends

CDs in their covers all the tapes thrown out
Yeah we made mistakes I lost count, last count
Summer nearly over it's already dark now
Somewhere on the way I guess we grew up
Every time I drive past your old place now
Think of all your dreams that we'd talk about
Wonder how your big plans all worked out
Hope the future was good to ya

We blink it's gone
Look around, we ain't kids no more
Never be what it was before, no no
How it go, you can never go home
Keep moving forward
Let the fork in the road change course
Always be a piece of me that's yours, oh oh
I don't know much, but I know that

Some loose ends don't get tied up
Still seem real enough to touch
Made my peace with letting go
All those things we don't need to know because
Some loose ends don't get tied up