Lyrics : Last Laugh

Yeah, well well
Hate saying "told you so"
Hold up, wait no I don't
That's my favourite thing of favourite things
Oh that's how you feel huh? Okie-doke
Yeah love it when they all complain, its only luck
Then I do same again, in God we trust
I don't wanna complicate it, y'all get touched
I'm running over all your lanes in monster trucks
And yo, went from a deer in the headlights to headlines
Fell down nine but I got 'em on the tenth time
Blow up like a land mine, man like
Sick made 'em throw up like a gang sign, bad vibes
sh*t, didn't plan that react
I'm just trying to kick it like a hacky sack
Just so happens what I'm saying matches facts
I'll leave it there I'll let that be that, y'all know

I put them in their place like voila
I pulled that rabbit out the hat like tada
I put the bullsh*t to bed like nigh night
Cause man, ain't nobody got time
So bye bye, hell yea I got the last

Remember when they'd all be like "ha-ha-ha-ha ha ha"
Think I gave a sh*t ah hell nah-ah-ah-ah ah ah
Now here we are, fill your glass, eat your heart out till you can't
I guess I got the last laugh