Lyrics : Kruel Summer

make the mic melt though
Underwater kelp flow, do it by myself though
Dro too [?] hit 'em up
n***a where your side at? Pleas get 'em up
Drizzle, I'm from the westside n***a, Bankhead
Aston Marten [?], designer I can't say
It's hard to pronounce, larger amounts
We should be there
Hustle Gang, tell that b*t*h [?]
Before we start fighting like [?]
Racks like Serina plus I'm playing in my [?]
Coope spinning in New York, Coope with GOOP in it
5ive Mics [?]
Soup kitchen Dro

I'm Jackson like I'm Samueal
And then I hit them like Tyson
You don't want beef, n***a all I eat is bison
40 gon bang you, front yards, highsman
Chain all frosty, [?]
Puerto Rican mommy, got a body like a Georgia peach
Tryna front, I get you murdered
Chopper make a n***a dance like you Shmerta
Take off first class, I don't mean to [?]
GOOP, Dro, 5ive Mics, n***a this the top 10
You keeping flavor for a minute
Cooking in the kitchen I can show you how to get it
BK n***as screaming I'm the man
Harlem b*t*hes say they love me like Cam
I'm in New York ball like [?]
that's a hundred K

Creepin low, yeah like a creeper
Play with GOOPY boy, Imma put him in a sleeper
like it's pizza
Throw some cheese on that [?]
No I don't rock, except a f**kin block
30 in my Glock, knock him out the f**kin box
I'm really with the sh*ts, boy you a b*t*h n***a
All my n***as riding round get you disfigured
I feel like Pac on my enomies
A f**k n***a thinking that he into me
Boom, I get him gone, I'm in the [?]
That's a thotty thing, yeah she doing thotty things
She on my body [?]