Lyrics : Fof

I hustle all night, getting no sleep
I don't do half, need the whole thing
Two sellphones, and they both ring
I don't know who's friend or foe
Could the lord tell me who's friend or foe?
I don't really know who's friend or foe
Could the lord tell me who's friend or foe?

I'm on the block with the hammer tucked
I am from the streets, I don't give a f**k
n***as folding up
A n***a think he bad, five goons shoot his ass
Blood's leaking through the body bag
Man I grew up with the kings and killers
And everybody in my hood was a drug dealer
And anybody catch a body, this the streets, n***a
You either shooting hoops, or you shooting guns
And you gotta hustle, just to make it out the struggle
And guess what, you still gotta hustle
Stay on, from the bottom to the top
Same song, it's back and forth like it's ping pong
n***a f**k a 360 deal
Unless that advance is like 20 mill