Lyrics : Wasted Time

Time is running out on my way
I already belong to the past
And getting closer to heaven
It's hard, cause my spirit is willing
But my flesh is weak
We are living in a brave new world
I am still a prisoner
Shutting away indoors
No light through the cracks, no freedom
Walking round and round
Alone with my soul
Banging my head against the walls of prison
My kingdom
Fight on to survive
Out of time my life becomes
An absolute hell on and on
I am falling down
Freedom to survive
I don't want to end it now
Run away with head held high
It's hard to wait
Lost in jail of evil
My kingdom
My entire life
Flashing before my eyes
But the sad reality
I'm still sentenced to die
Bring back all memories
Haunting me day and night
Reaching back in my destiny
Full of misery
Time - Wasted Time
In this darkness night, make your choice
But there are so many ways you can go
Biting the dust or staying alive
Secret time
In my cell, I wonder why
Why I chose the road leading to hatred
And crime
For me it's too late
My life is done
And I will roam till kingdom comes
Time - wasted time
In this blackness night, make your choice
But there are so many ways you can go
Dust to dust or staying alive
Secret time
Wasted Time
Sin after sin
I am waiting in the cold
The deliverance light
Slowly I am heading to the valley of the damned
I am falling, falling through the night