Lyrics : The Power & Fury

So we are the unbelievers
That time faded our smiles
Bloody memories are crawling on my way
Just follow me you unbelievers
We have a hard life
Late into the night the nightmares are
Invading our sides
I will set the world on fire
To scream my suffering
I am wasted by the loneliness and grief
In the past I've made my choice
Now I'm lost eternally, once and for all
Something dark and strange is reigning in the air
Something bad is calling me so far away
Beyond belief, I tasted life high and low
I am out of place here or everywhere
Don't waste away
Cling to your dreams, as long as you have time
Cause you can't start all over again
Day after day we are getting closer to the end
I know you can find, a powerful way out
Touch the sky and feel, feel the power and fury
I'm still bleeding, mending my way
All alone with my soul
Bring back old memories
Life is a game, play with it or die
All depend on our choices
Don't miss the victory
The power and fury