Lyrics : Five Years

They underestimated me
I tried to sneak out through the window to feel something
It’s in the park that’s not too far (It’s in my blood it’s in my heart)
I sit and brew behind the liquor store GANG NO MORE!

I’m in my car to try and figure things out
And The music almost drowns what cuts like razors
Even 5 years later

I’m in over my head yes you read me like a book
But there’s no comfort in knowing you’re not understood

And it’s a long way back to my house
But you’re never coming around


The worlds giving bad vibrations
Looking for the answers in your cremation
You’d think it would hurt no not even a little bit
I’ll put on my thick skin I could nеver give a sh*t
This is my erasеr to pain for feeling like a doormat
Bleak ass outlook what would you call that
Dead kid makes it I could orchestrate it if you let me