Lyrics : Photo Album

Flippin through the pictures of me
My life surmised it’s dark and ugly
I just feel like I’m bound for nothing
No trust no love I’m way too bloody
Against a fence
And I’ve been sunken in this couch I guess for weeks or maybe even less
I have nothing left to lose

So they will move and you will stay
The afterlife Seattle rain
It’s getting harder every single day
You’ll make new friends and settle in
Or cry alone like we were kids
It all depеnds on how your life will end

Therе’s a devil in my life
And he’s crawling all up my spine
To whisper into my ear so loud and clear
That I haven’t got much time
There’s an angel by my side
With the devil in his sights
But the devil looks on
And sees he’s not that strong
So he crushes him every time

So I’m giving him ammunition
Like a soldier on a mission
Straight to the bottom we go
Yeh and even when I’m back home
It’s like I’m the last one who even wants to hangout anymore
Yeh we all got lives
But they will end
And it’s my life I will amend
But until then Ive got nothing left to loose