Lyrics : Hannibal Lecter vs. Leatherface - Rap Battle!

(Hannibal Lecter)
Love the suit
Must be the best thing to come from
Your entire worthless town
With the name and the face
Of a dominatrix
Yet you're the one getting pushed around
Now they try to paint you as a victim
But as a painter I must say
They've done very poorly
Spending years in cells
And I couldn't give less of a sh*t
About your incel story
I'm the fine mastermind of my
Gruesome hobbies
Sip through chianti
As I chew a body
I have taste while this zombie
Is crude and sloppy
Getting used as a pawn
By the illuminati
You were born in the trash bin
Of course you're a has been
So many face changes
You're the horror Michael Jackson
Dragging over every track
And I don't mean your damn suit
Always let your victims escape
Like they're fast food
Are what cha eat?
Well you f**ked that
Ya eat brains but got dumb raps
You're a weak man with a weak spirit
So pass the mic
If you can even lift it
Got one decent film
Praised by the critics
Funny how in that one
You were barely in it
f**kin' artsy prude
Going on trips and sh*t
Livin' high class lifestyle
White meat privilege
You're sleazing your way through
Some crooked cops?
I'll add these piggies
To the cooking pot
Simp had a heart attack
After getting rejected?
Damn even your cardio
Got f**king arrested
Old school stay raw
Call me 2Chainsaw
They wrote plots about Bill
You got no pay off
Took my style straight jacked it
Didn't surprise me
So do it like your movies
Come around and bite me
Talking about the prey escaping?
No trouble either
Your f**kin' narrative gets slower
Like I got it in my freezer
Only time you're creating tension
Are when you go and hang a b*t*h
You'd only be a good therapist
If you put a space in it
You always seem to fail at shooting
Your shot with your lovers
Shoulda learned it from the Germans
When they did it to your mother
And say I'm not getting any?
Keep dreaming now
Cuz your sister is the only girl
You've eaten out
(Hannibal Lecter)
You've come back from explosions but
Michael Bay as producer
Couldn't blow you up
Massacred your chain of films
With more huge duds
Teach your crew the 3 Ds
Don't Do Drugs
I'll go and handle this psychoanalysis
Why this inadequate psycho
Is so incredibly ravenous
With the fact that his life
Is never ending in happiness
Their daddy always had him whipped
Before trying to smash his sis
Even though you're a panicking cannibal
This carnivore animal
Can not get a girl to grab his meat
With how much your dry hump
That hillbilly weapon
I wouldn't be surprised
If the saw is your family
So maybe go on tinder
If you wanna hunt your prey
Cause every time you try to hook up
They just run away
Any chance of your tropes
Terrifying the world
Went right out of the window
Like all of your final girls
It used to be chillin'
When you sewed bodies together
But now you're leaving us in stitches
With your CGI terror
I'd play games with your brain
And then eat the remains
But my stomach would be as empty
As your box office gains
Your coldness is false advertising
Cause one look at Starling
Gets Hannibal Rising
But with all the people you've lost it's fair
This orphan needs Jodie Foster's care
Lemme tell you about the slaughter
That you saw as a kiddo
Left daddy lying on the path like
He's one of them armadillos
While you're dissin' incest
You fell in love with your auntie
Tried to learn the Japanese way
But then bombed it like her family
I'mma be cookin' ya up
As Bubba's shrimp and after
We'll be serving ya second place
On top of a silver platter
For this dinner
I'm the one you should be thankin' the most
Cause it's the only time
You're part of a family roast