Lyrics : Tell Me When

(French Montana)

I'm ready to go man I been ready to go (lalalalalala)
Smoking out the zipper slipping on my grind
See a nigga slipping stoned out my mind
Tell me when to go
Did it all before
Man I ain't scared to die
Just tell me when to gooooo

(French Montana)

Just tell me when to go mane
We all got to go sometimes
They say a real nigga pick his time to go
Lets get into it

(French Montana)
First Verse:

I ain't scared to die just tell me when
Seen it all and done it all then did it twice again
Nothing is a accident its karma
You can forget your bitch but not your vest and your armor
Bitches say I dog them and kick them out my heart cold
Baby see my daddy was a pimp I was tought so
Crossroads bone thugs
New niggas always show you more love
Than your old niggas
Counting money close the doors up
Cleaning pistols paranoid
Keep a 100 for my lawyers
In the stash box
Do it for the have nots
My nigga caught 75 and got a better spirit then a broke nigga out here running around chilling


Haha, lalala nigga, ready to go nigga,a zip, you know that,stoned nigga,rock what up

Verse 2:

Its cheese me and a bitch is something you can't keep together
Mozzarella going beast mode for that cheddar
Sour blunts juice and gin
Where Im from its about who last so fuck whos winning
The game dangerous once you get a snitch involved
Get your workers got
If you pimp then get your bitches robbed
You can't beat em I show loyalty
Likes letting your pits starve nigga then you feed em
I I I be speeding
They can't see him
I Bronx Park 95 or major deegan
Shout out to them dead prezies
I meet em then greet em
Right hand on the chest I pledge of allegiance
Im ready to go my loui duffle full
Got my blunt already rolled now im heading out the door
Hard work and grind im ready to show
C4 cheese that nigga ready to gooooooooooooooo


(Charlie Rock)
Verse 3:

I thank God I woke up this morning
Ain't choose the game I was born in
Like my bitches like my cars all foreign
These niggas is fly then im soaring
When it come to the beef im all for it
Empty out the heat come back reload it
Cus they getting it to if they saw it
So when the jakes ask questions no court
Say im living life faster then big gordy
Can't stay away from the game im like jordan
Cocaine la costra nostra we mobbin
You can call me the muscle I enforce it