Lyrics : Tis the Season

Tis the season!
It?s a season for elegant ladies!
Reputations dictated by the queen!
Must be perfectly perfect
Must meet every expectation
May god save all our souls!

Grosvenor Square, 1813
Dearest reader
The time has come to place our bets
For the upcoming social season!
Consider the household of the Baron Featherington
3 misses foisted upon the marriage mark?t
Like sorrowful sows by their tastel?ss and tactless Mama

Is she to breathe mama?

When I was your age I could fit my waist into an orange and a half and so shall you!


Far better odds might exist
In the household of the Viscountess Bridgerton
A shockingly prolific family
Noted for its bounty of perfectly handsome sons
And perfectly beautiful daughters

Ugh, I'm boiling in this dress already

Are you to complain the entire time, Eloise?

Well, what else am I good for?

I feel like a princess
Do I look like one?

Hyacinth, you wish to know what I think you look like?

And where's the lovely Daphne?

She's only been getting ready the whole evening

Only her whole life
Well, I'll go fetch for her

No, I'll go fetch for her
She likes me better than you anyway

And who says that?

Everyone says that

Should you think she heard me?
How very perfect indeed

This is only the beginning
Of the life that I'll be living
I'm dreaming of a match for life
Just like Mama and Pa had done
So Father, if you're looking down from above
I'm marrying for love

Tis the season, tis the season for elegant ladies
Must be [?] down to every seem
Must be perfectly perfect, must be kept up with reputations
So may she save us all!

Where is he?
If your eldest brother is to be obeyed as Lord Bridgerton
He must act like Lord Bridgteron!
Benedict, where is Anthony?

I do not know

Just hold me closer now
Our time is running out

Sienna, you know it's half-past nine!

My lord, just add the time!
Just put it in your pocket, and lock it away

You know I can't this day
Sienna, my duties they await

I'll see you Saturday


There's a reason, there's a reason for all of this crazy
The only word that matters is the Queen's!

Today is a most important day
And for some, a terrifying one
For today is the day
London's marriage-minded misses
Are presented to Her Majesty, the Queen

To the Queen!

Ladies Prudence, Philipa, and Penelope Featherington
All presented by their mother
The right honorable Lady Featherington

Your Majesty
We're as perfect as we seem
Think I forgot how to breathe!

A glimmer of displeasure
And a young lady value plummets to unthinkable depths

Presented by her mother
The right honorable Viscountess Bridgerton
Miss Daphne Bridgerton

Don't trip, don't falter
Just make it to the altar
Don't break, don't crumble
Make certain you're perfectly humble
Show Her Majesty, the Queen
That you're more than worthy
Don't you let it show that you're more than nervous
Finally, I'm living with a purpose
Must be calm and cool, collected at the surface

Must be perfectly perfect

She's perfectly perfect

Must be perfectly deserving

She'll be the diamond of the season

Don't trip, don't falter
Just make it to the altar
Must be perfectly perfect

It's a season, it's a season for all of the ladies
It's a season, ah

Perfectly perfect
Must be-

Flawless, my dear

Did that really just happen?