Lyrics : Friend Turned Foe

The time has come
My friend turned enemy
No escaping darkness, you should have known

I know
My friend turned foe

At least I?ll die a man
At least I?ll die with honor now
It?s guaranteed there?ll never be an heir
Of my own
So take your best shot, my foe

Colin, pray tell me where they are

Hastings did a great dishonor on our family name. Surely you want him to pay

Not with his life!

Leave this to the men! Women should not be engaged in such weighty affairs
All that?s ever said
Again and again
?Leave it to the men!?
To descend into madness
But what if that madness
Is all that I know till the end?
Tell me where they went, Colin
Tell me where they went, brother
The ending could be tragic
My life hangs in the balance
Tell me where they went!

Follow me then

For what it?s worth, I?m sorry

Your apology means nothing to me

This means war
Say goodbye
Say good?