Lyrics : Pounds of Paper

Eastside all mine just like every time
Yeah (Uh)

Saks fifth escalator
Higher than a space invader
Game sharp as a laser
Nowadays we weigh the paper
Bring much as the plane could hold
Wire me the rest later
Naw save it for me
That could be my vacation money
I flew there she'll be waiting for me
Next day flew my favorite honey
She don't get on my nerves
She hang on every word
Trying to be the Queen that I deserve but baby girl I gotta work
My son finna be 2 years old
He need more than the most
The more he grow sometimesI realize I'm gonna have to tell my niggas no
I can't just hand it over bro but I could show you how to get a bag of money on your own
Become an owner
School of hard knocks I rolled joints with my diploma
Cleanest Chevy on the corner
Ducking crooked police and that Corona

Eastside all mine just like every time
7 Chevys on the line
Can't decide which one to drive it takes a lot of time
Roll a joint and smoke it down
Then I'll decide
Hop in one and slide