Lyrics : Offloading

[Intro: Curren$y]
Keep [?] in it
Smoking weed it in, yeah
La música de Harry Fraud

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
My convertible top peel, my life real
I could give you the details but I don't squeal
Take whatever I want nigga, I don't steal
Anybody could get there, the game fair
Super cold though, know you been told
But that [?] one end, straight out the other hole
I parked that Wraith, I'm in my other Rolls
I posted both on Instagram and then the screen froze
[?] he said Spitta need those
[?] about the east side of the NO
Lowriders and Benzos
I never had rentals in my video, we bring several of our own
Color matched wheels accented in chrome
Parked it outside of a million dollar home
What you want?
You dead wrong, life

[Chorus: Curren$y]
Keep the [?] in it [?]
Smoking weed in it, don't post no [?] pictures
Keep the [?] in it [?]
Smoking weed in it, don't post no [?] pictures
Hitting switches on Chef Highway, dipping
If you can keep a secret, we could always kick it, yeah

[News Reporter]
[?] that boat was spotted early this morning around 6AM and Palm Beach police are calling it an apparent drug smuggling operation. Let's get you right to video from chopper 5 flying over the scene earlier this morning. Here is what we know right now. Police saying that boat was spotted near [?] Boulevard. And again, no threat to this community