Lyrics : Bonus Round

Eastside on mine, just like every time
Cardo Got Wings

I skipped on that Bent- truck, the Cullinan was sicker
I picked up a monogram duffel from my sprinter
I sent the smoke signal of the marijuana scent up
She cool with my other b*t*h, they call each other, “Sister”
I got a wicker chair, like that Huey Newton picture
Sittin’ in it, smokin’ killa in midst of a twister
Paranoia surroundin’ the vaccination center
Come out feelin’ worse than the day you first entered
I just play the underground, but I’m no Master Splinter
Donatello, Raphael, none of them other ninjas
I’m just in the crib tucked away, countin’ big bucks
Dirty money, hand sanitizer on my fingers
3M mask on, top down, 3 A.M
Goin’ fast, stand up in the motor, bust a f**kin’ dance
Second grade, yeah, when I wore them Jordan’s to class
My teacher sent a note home, too much attention I attract
Students wasn’t doin’ they math
Too busy lookin’ at them shoes they couldn’t have
My mama bought me that
And I ain’t know that was breakin’ her back
She was cold, I didn’t know that we was poor ‘til I was old
I grew up, I got on, I made myself a Don
Got everything I want, got hella jewelry on
I’m just waterin’ my lawn
A big boss garden, and dawg, ain’t nothin’ wrong
Carrera Porsche outside the fort
I put my all into it, so I stunt hard
I can’t afford to not record for y’all
It would feel as if they cut the life-support off on your dawg