Lyrics : Possession (interlude)

"I know it's simply crazy Dr. [?], but I can't get these thoughts out of my head. These people, they want something from me."

"It is called paranoia, Cynthia. I would like to try a somewhat unconventional procedure with you, if that is acceptable. I believe it will alleviate these visions you are experiencing."

"Well, if you say so, Doctor."

"Please, have a seat. I am going to hold up my watch, and I want you to look at it. I want you to keep your eyes on it, follow it as it swings. Do not look away. Excellent. Your eyes are getting tired. As you become aware of how heavy your eyelids are, feel your entire body relax. Deeper, now. Take a deep breath and just let it go, and as you exhale, let your shoulders shrug. Feel your body go limp. Imagine you're an old coat, thrown over the back of a chair. You are completely relaxed now. In front of your face, picture a dark red cloud. Observe it, floating inches before your lips. Feel the heat radiating from it, almost too much to bear. And as you take another breath, suck the cloud deep in your lungs. Feel it fill your body, feel its heat spread through your limbs, and with each breath feel the churning cloud of hate and darkness as it seeps into every cell of every organ. Prime them, preparing them to accept into your soul the allure of the dark master."

*Cynthia screams*