Lyrics : Intro

Ghosts on the avenue were talking to theyselves
Somebody been sellin' 'em dreams again
Breathe again, the breeze is full of trees again
The beast buried under the streets is 'bout to leave the den
Of thieves and hooligans ready to fettuccine the noodles
Of any cook looking new to the kitchen
Cooking up wishes and powder
Flour the pan and the cake'll bake even better
The cheddar stay in the refrigerator to keep it fresh until it's on
Every day is preparation for Armageddon
A holocaust, any cost, you want to get on
One, or on two, get three stacks and bring it back to the fortress
Wrapping five fingers 'round that much cash'll make a motherfucker Cassius Clay
Quick to cash his pay
Checking gas with a loaded fo-fo when he rollin', po-po
On his shoulder, so he's slow, but he's goin', wouldn't you?
If you scared, say you scared, cause they comin' through sweepin'
And nobody got a problem sweepin' over you
Trust the shadows is thick, full of mattresses, get over, get past it or suck a dick
Skinner glass, killer fashion, and spinning back
So quit back spinning and get a gat
Fuck a battle rap, rappers embattled where they at
Trunk rattle is leaving the streets and is probably eating the map
Verses versus the hearses, Versace versus the nerves and the pain
Slangin' seems to be a no-brainer, the same folks sayin' it ain't
They're the same folk never seen a caddy drippin' candy paint
Onto the block after the rain
Fucker, prepare for the storm
Hope you got a blanket or a body keepin' you warm
The spoken word is weak
Scream motherfucker, dreams are cheap
Ya ain't even even gotta sleep
Don't sleep, it's clipping., bitch