Lyrics : Godless America

Welcome to America, you should love it here
And don't believe a word about any bad thing that you hear
Just float along in your 9-to-5 cage
Vote for one of two parties when you reach the right age
And if you tell the Bible Belts you're undecided they'll put an end to that
They'll remind you that Jesus loves Republicans and Satan loves the Democrats
But be careful when you open up a history book and you bend it back
You might just find out this nation isn't everything they say it is
Abortions by the millions, let's just slay the kids
School shootings every week now, let's just spray the kids
KKK and Black Lives Matter
I'm confused on what day this is
More specifically what year this is
Listen closely, do you hear this kids?
They said racism ended in the '60s
Then why do I hear the "N"-word by white people when they're with me?
And they say this is the land of the free
Then why do black people get locked up unproportionally just because they don't look like me?
But maybe they didn't have good schools to learn to read books like me
So we give them welfare and hope it'll fix them
Maybe it's time we start asking questions and flip the system
Maybe it's time we stop voting in the same two parties into office every election
Do lifetime politicians deserve an inspection?
Seems to me we all complain but nothing ever changes
And they hope we forget about their problems, just turn the pages
Shouldn't that enrage us?
I guess we're too comfortable with our iPhones and Netflix
And we keep popping prescription pills just lookin' for that next fix
And pharmaceutical companies pay our doctors to keep us high
Half of us are stoned and nobody even bats an eye
We just keep poppin' pills and havin' sex while aborting babies that never asked to die
And all the while our flag still flies
It's a symbol of freedom so don't you think about kneeling
We could care less about the way that you're feeling
This flag represents lives lost and the American Dream
Pop a couple Valiums and experience this American scheme
Everything you see isn't the way that it seems
When we divide ourselves into color-based teams
Welcome to America, God bless the USA
Half of us could care less about watching the news today
Another mass shooting, another black looting
Just hanging on for the rod while the world keeps moving
When we wake up from our sleep we post online and share a meme
Then we fall right back asleep in this American Dream
"Come on, Clayton, be careful don't play with this!"
I'm just asking if America is as great as we say it is
Lock your doors and do your chores, pay no attention to all of the wars
Just nod your head and pay your taxes
Don't think about where that money goes when you lay your head on that mattress
Don't think about how you're helping fund abortions
Don't think about the corruption, the lies, and extortion
Getting involved is too hard for you
So sit back and fly that flag at your next neighborhood barbeque
The politicians got this and you have nothing to fear
Just turn a blind eye and look away there's nothing to hear
Welcome to America where we celebrate celebrities who glorify violence
But try to take away our guns and tell us to stay silent
Welcome to America where it's cheaper to get an abortion than get an adoption
We're told we cling to our guns and our Bibles but not them
They cling to their textbooks and science
While the 1% hangs out on their islands
And this is how it's supposed to be
Welcome to America the land of the greed
And I hate to break it to you but Donald Trump is never gonna set you free
And the IRS is never gonna let you breathe
You're just part of the system, a slave to the grid
With no safe they bring back the draft and take your kid
It's for the greater good, like oil and power
Make sure you give a dollar to the homeless bunched up beneath Trump Tower
And this isn't me taking shots at [?]
Forgive me if walking along blindly has me a little hesitant
Like when they told me a college degree would open up doors
They were right, the door to the loan office asking for more
Or when they said Iraq would be free
A decade and a half later and there's still blood in the streets
Or when they said they'd lessen our national debt
To put money on that would be an irrational bet
But what do I know? I'm just a middle-class kid
I'm just tryna piece together the little that fits
And it seems like there's a whole missin' in this puzzle
It's putting hope in ourselves that keeps getting us in trouble
America doesn't need America
America needs Jesus
We don't need Trump or Clinton, we got God to lead us
Welcome to America the land of the lost
And if America wants change, it starts at the Cross