Lyrics : Clear The Air

This for my sumchin's
I'm on my 347 sh*t

It's word love
King Capital

So let me clear the air
I can't help but stare
But your derrière lookin better and I swear
It's unfair you don’t think that it’s sincere
Now I got you worked up and we're both grinding gears
It's been a year so I know you really need that
Girl, I'm a Big Boy but I'mma keep it three Stacks
We gon’ have to recap I'mma let you meet Cap
And I can already read your mind so just relax
And I tried to be a gentlemen for once
I'm tryna cut back and let me take you out to lunch
I hate to interrupt
So lets discuss the best of both worlds with a blunt
If that's really what you want
These last few months I learned about the future, lifestyle lucid We can live a little looser
Capital the light bearer
Let me introduce ya
You can be my snake headed queen like Medusa