Lyrics : Bars at Dirty’s house

Already rolled enough to nudge ya like its nothin'
Flatbush bump
Ya know to stay blunted up
Probably so my eyes are even lower than the budget
Still perplexing that he chose me second
I play it cool, I just open up my solar plexus
Charged up, so my soul is the only weapon
Slappin' AK-47 stickers in ya smokers section
As L's turn to clips
Clips turn to roaches and those turn to bowl hits
Oh sh*t, it's like we getting high again
That's another gram goin' straight to my diaphragm
I blaze a dutch, then I play the cut
You be on the wall posted up, trying to make a cuff
Trioptics so I really don't say too much
That's just how a true gangster does