Lyrics : Red

I ain't ever been alone cause the cameras always on
And the red light got me in my zone, got me in my zone

We all know who the greedy are
Stockpiling all the fly shit that other people want, just to flaunt
That's something we've seen before
What if the freshness that you collect is people's hearts
Here's a thought
Look at these big headed fools, climbin' up their pedestals
Where do you think you go from there, Bring me back a souvenir
Go declare your greatness in the open air
Throw a show and tell 'em they supposed to stare, I don't think you're so prepared
Nobody's sober where there's followers and shares
And eyeballs for modeling your wears
When you hashtag goals they cheer, then the trolls come near
You're getting old and your frozen in your cold despair
They used to push drugs to freedom fighters not to see 'em riot
People divided that's likely to be inspired
Now they got a TV station 'side they pocket
And an ego turn a mosque into a mosh pit
Watch It

[Hit that like button
Smash that like button
Demolish that]

Bout to go live right now, here go that sound

I ain't ever been along cause the cameras on and the red light zone, got me in my zone
I'm bout to get on they can't hold me back
I might not be global but I know that's where they know me at

[I was a 17 year old kid
I was going viral on the internet
I'm the king of getting my Instagram deleted
I was clotheslining girls
I was having fun with this
I was viral bro, I was viral
I want everyone to know I uploaded this shit, like you know what i'm saying
What you tryna get some views, some plays
I didn't even have the right platform where everyone can hear my voice, like yet
I'm a human being at the end of the day, you're breaking a person, bro]

Okay right back
We're like fast food in the commercials
No matter if it's booty or its virtue
We sure use all the angles and the filters
And language and the big words
To make something look beautiful that hurts you
I assure you the lost narcissist, boomerang played the part of Marcus
The hard of marketing department for a walking carcass
Hard to tell a thirsty harlot from a starving artist
We're on the same walk of shame asking where our star is
Saw my face tattooed although I ain't wanna be rude
Start dropping bad news on them
The gods honest truth is I fall in that human column
And I know if you sir are the problems I'm usually hotter than, woo
And I'm trying to tell the truth
But I've seen all of the gimmicks that'll get you 15 minutes
And the difference between the real thing and the image
And the one thing that I glimpse is privacy's a privilege

[No it's not, you a hater, no, no you just got on here just to hate, get off my live]