Lyrics : Greatest That Never Lived

My heart submerged 'fore my tongue started surfing
Concerning how one person birth words worth unearthing
Two-verse sermon perched up in a 44 membar
A 20-bar memoir of a whirling dervish
Steel sharpen steel but my sword grow the firmest
In the burning furnace of my sojourn for purpose
Every step's a pilgrimmage
Special ed who never read the syllabus
Still got it made and getting paid off how real it is
Have you ever witnessed man with sure hope in his glance
Short cordless in his hand, eyes closed, wide open
With lines quoted from his inner scripture in militant chant?
Illustrate an image in an instant, spit a gram
I'm highly acclaimed without a claim
Inquire about my name
Never short status, crack a higher plain
Why complain? What type of chain, trophy, or walk of fame can they grant me?
I spit it so grammy that my mimics win their Grammys
Understand me, I'd rather be Kinged on the bal-cony than Abernathy
John Kennedy in the lap of Jackie
I pen a sentence, spin English, make my critics skittish
Board a plane in the final minutes like a photo finish
The beads clack, tap the pads, beats in beast mode
Murdering they ego just by murmuring the cheat code
La ilaha illa allah
Imagine what a killer saw
Trapped behind a prison wall
Knowing that within his heart's a syrum that could cure us all
The devil got sentence laws
Sent me letters, and I read 'em scribbled in my scars
I don't have a soul; I am a soul that got a body
Flesh-clad, like human being is what I'm dressed as at a costume party
I decide to go with the half-blind albino
Eyes red rhinestones, odd choice, y'already know
That ain't the topic though, greatest that never lived
Uh uh, debating get your head split
Uh uh uh, shouldn't a said shit
Uh uh, you shouldn't a said sh...

Greatest that never lived
Greatest that never lived
You shouldn't a said sh-