Lyrics : Murder

Murder, murder
Kill, kill
Murder was the case that they gave me

You know I said I killed the whole god damn city
Now it's bad blood til the day we attack
Mane they done charged me and my niggas
Shit too real you come back, and don't rat
Jurors like Rayful Edmond, couldn't go home
Couldn't say they name, couldn't do a thang
As they took a lifestyle and delivered it in pain
And forgot about the past of a nigga who got slain
Look at this man, the bar ate and boxed me
Took a quarter million and went and got me Johnnie Cochran
Told me if I lose they will hit me with the gas
Kicked down every spot that a nigga had
They said we got you on 6 bodies and 2 attempts
I said ''Sir you lying,' cuz I don't do attempts"
They tapped the phones at the jail
They done wiretapped Trell
They put bugs in my cell
They say I know about the

To take my life, they tried to use my music
If I don't think shit real now, I'm stupid
Couldn't get a bond, shit fucked up
My O.G. and my son, couldn't stand up
Now them people got them flashlights and all kind of papers
Blood everywhere and they say they know facts
Showin' pictures to the jury tryna degrade us, in videos strapped up in all black
Not guilty, the hustler way
Hell of a gift for my momma, your son home momma happy mother's day
"I heard you had rap beef." Are you serious?
We never beefed don't know what happened to him period

[Hook x4]