Lyrics : Nasty Nasty

Wats ya name, how you doinq tell me who you screw?
Do he fukk ya right guuuuurrrrlllllll... all night guuuurrrllll

Can I fukk you in my ride (yea boosie) when you suck it you gon look me in my
Eyes (yea boosie). And she slidinq down dat pole pretty polish on her toes, lick her
Tongue and let me know... she wanna get nasty...

Can I fukk you in dha studio? Can I put a X-Pill in yo booty hole? Let me nut all ova you
Like a true solider do and let my niqqas watch like a real ho a do... (OOHH) And you
Can swallow me all (eww) but dhat (eww eww) feel so good. Can I fukk in with dha
Doors up ridinq thru dha bottom, churp ya girl up and let ya girl hear you holla. Can I
Out you on a camera phone and record ya actinq a donkey like donkey kong. When ya
Moan holla bad ass and make me feel like royality when ya finish wipe dhat dick off
And get it back hard for me...

I'm a beat dhat pussy from behind you... Cause I been eyeinq you and I'm a
Tell ya dha truth. I'm tryna get nasty... I'm tryna get nasty...

Put ya head in my lap... It's qoinq down! Lick me on my balls it's qoinq down
Can you play with ya self while I play with myself after I fukk ya to death I want you to qo
Back and rest. I like ice on my nuts, numb me up baby, don't use teeth you don't wanna
Have me runninq now baby. Can I fukk ya hair style up, I'll get ya shit fixed if ya fire
Can I take a picture of ya with ya drawls on and send it up dha rode man to all my
Dogs (OOHHH) If I sang a verse for ya would ya heart stop. Now she got a nigga
Shakinq in dha parkinq lot. Hit dhat head retarted now. Her pussy clean so she taste
It, dhats dhat holla back. So when ya fukk off top you gotta holla back. Fukk a bitch
Before you count to 6... 1-2-3-4-5-6 she hit. Boosie on some major shit and I never play
A bitch...

[Hook x2]