Lyrics : As Per Usual (Skit)

Lord of The Jig in this b*tch
I pull up, I kill it then I be out
When I'm in the building, they know the kid, no need to announce
Goin' all in then I'm out
Prolly blow it then I'm out
Spillin' Moët in her mouth
No escaping when I'm out
The kick game is Go, I be stepping all over the couches with 'em
Whenever we pull up the baddies all up on the couches with 'em
How could you doubt us really?
We're the ones killing the sound my n*gga
We letting them order and telling the waitress to count the bill up
She wanna book out the spot
Get us some food for the vibe
Make sure we're moving alright, just to get two on a night
Directing, my life is a movie
Where none of us lose, you feel?
I'm jiggy as sh*t but that there is just as per usual, feel?