Lyrics : Note for Note

(?) with tea, taking advantage
The numbers a sum and I'm too independent
I'm in the percentage, see?
Send me a mint conditioned benjamin
In the vicinity of wicked energy
I ain't gon run where the f**k is you n***as?
Can't f**k with me anyway
Anyway, poor is plenty bait
We be penny pinching, paper stingy
In any event that you ponder my city get (?) with a (?)
World's course energy drain your flake upon the negativity
Just to synergistic dominance
High technology in the province
Kiosk automated option
Imma let you park and dont belittle my pocket
Bother my help while I'm looking at watches
Time be telling me, selling me
How the f**k to cop out
I've been trying to smoke my n***as out of the trap house
Any minute we gon get it what the f**k is you mad about
The metaphysic imminent to fit to the cash cow
Didn't put the minimum, been living in the sh*t
Is it that you really just want us to quit
Honest to god this the block, imma stay lit
(?) more (?), them burning my lips
Just to keep my hands up on the hip
If she dip, I trip, that's it
Protect my brain, don't flip the wig
You won't love it when I touch that great
Spilling that Jin, up off that Hen
Vitamin C, what she made?
Buried under DMT
TNT, boiling blood
(?) throwing up
He be pleasing off the drugs
Can't you see I need a hug
Imminent cease to be the plug
(?) but eat the bud
The leaders speak, the leaders smug
The feet escape, come free your stuff
Come in them leader jeans
Let me get the best (?)
Doesn't mean you don't wanna keep the fetus
Why you don't believe in me
I can see him as if the sea is overreaching
Maybe we should feed the region
We could always eat and (?) in the dry season
But the fees the fee (the fees the fee)
I need you, speedily (speedily)
Before she, leaving me
Visa vi, people, owning my weed
I'm going note for note
Cause the fees the fee
I need it, speedily
Yeah, all my weed
I'm going note for note
For note for now, I'm going (going)
Just hold my weed (We (?) )