Lyrics : Where Did You Go?

So tempted to text yo phone and tell you that I blew it excuse me for wat I do this rap sh*t is therapeutic we’ve had our ups and downs girl we both been though it n we don’t even speak so I speak to you through this music in hopes that you’d just take a chance to just stop n listen so we can both figure out where we went wrong and went missing I’m sorry for hurting you girl that wasn’t my intention we suppose to be together this ain't what I envisioned I should’ve been more thoughtful more careful than f**king careless n it seems like when I cared more u started to cared less I fell in love with the beat of your heart how did we go from a flame to a spark to no candle lights now im in the dark and there’s so much I wanna say that it hurts my heart you were never normal i perceived you as some art but it seems like now yo hit singles don’t reach my charts n I just wish we was together and not torn apart

Sometimes I wonder if I called you would you pick up the phone I just wish I had you rn tell me so baby where did your love go

U remember walking through old town and I spilt that drink up on yo jeans that’s the night I fell in love before you I would never dream got these feeling in my head like yea this girl is my queen ima wife her ass up she deserves a wedding ring damn she a one of a kind yea she ride for her n***a but I guess I f**ked up cuz now she ride for a n***a and that sh*t break my heart i gave up everything for you to stay just for you to turn around pack yo bags and walk away but how can I be mad ig that’s how sh*t goes I just want you to know that I love you more than know I’m sorry for my f**k ups girl I just want you to know I was young dumb and broke but i still love you though I think I’ll stick by myself if I can’t have u