Lyrics : Despair


Read a book and taste the knowledge
Write a hook and face your mileage
Ride or die [?] told me
Paved the way and make the mileage
Hit the blunt and paint graffiti
Tax the poor and feed the greedy
f**k common sense I need me Yeezys

Blind as f**k, you against TV
Don’t let the government feed you whinnies ?
I ain’t a big fan of conspiracy theories
But this time is for real, please believe me
I’m enlightened now, I can see it clearly

Now i’m just talking sh*t brown breathing feeces
Treat the n***as like i’m [?]
My n***a quit the b*t*hin’
Get the business
Bake for dodge road
Twist and hit the spliff
No reason to be so pessimistic
Fix your face and pray for digits
Young n***a without a pot to p*ss in
Stainless steel’s used to be filled with chicken