Lyrics : Baguettes

I got the way
I got these racks, up in my safe
I’m at ya back, popping a k
I got a rack, hunnits of K’s
Oh they be talking bout me everyday?
Come and say it to my face
Run to the racks I’m never out of pace
f*ck what a n*gga gon say

Pop them,I f*ck her, then block her
I’m always gon keep me a Choppa
I might just buy me some water
I’ve been f*cking they call me the father
I been killing the pus*y I slaughter
Think a lil n*gga hot but I’m hotter
I knew I was gon f*ck when I spot her
Like, I just done got me hoes, white on they nose
Ride the di*k the it's apole
You know we keeping a pole
f*ck with a n*gga you know the choppa finna blow
They call me Reece the GOAT
b*tches be watching they want my di*k up they throat
I just be chilling in boats
Hit up her bestie and now a n*gga f*cking both

K’s, and drakes
And chops, your face
I ride, the rafe
Yo b*tch, my bae
I made a hunnit in a day
I got the bag a racks up in the safe
If he was talking that boy isn’t safe
f*ck what a n*gga gon’ say
Her night been so romantic
Shine all on me dancing
Timeless Rollie dancing
I ain’t wanna hear tantrums
f*ck that b*tch and leave in my Phantom
She just told me I sound Atlanta
All my n*ggas swipers and scammers
Suck my di*k she having no manners

Hop out the jet
Ice on my neck and on my wrist I got baguettes b*tch
Run up your bands, cause if you don’t you gon left b*tch
I just made bands, cause of one song off of my ex b*tch

Put a b*tch up to the test b*tch
Diamonds on me I invested
If he really wanna try, pull up with the fire and I’m finna X sh*t
Imma leave him out his mind, Watch at how he die
Over my respect b*tch
Young ass n*gga gon wreck sh*t, bad b*tch she brought in her best friend
(Hold on I be like)
Hundred k all in the back
I just be counting these racks b*tch
Oh they be talking, they mad
Got a pus*y boy reacting
Imma catch him when he lacking
Imma catch him up in traffic
He was talking all that cap
f*ck yo Glock imma get me that strap b*tch

I don’t wanna fall in love
She just told me I’m a thug
I ain’t Eva really thuggin
I just take ya b*tch and then I f*ck em
Got a pus*y n*gga actin tough
He know reece takin all his stuff
Pull up on him got a n*gga stuck, hah!