Lyrics : It’s My Turn (Freestyle)

Dialogue from Kings of New York

Run a n*gga down on his own block
Lava he hot like the stove top
I'm ripping off the pot on the stove top
Then I let it off in the old block
My n*ggas they still by that one way
Posted from Monday to Sunday
All my n*ggas bout' that gunplay
And we run up, we don't run way
Like this is my turn
I had to let that sh*t burn
This beacon be calming my nerves
We was just touring and scoring and scoring
Fly in the foreign, so fast it might swerve
I ain't give a damn bout' a b*tch
I was just tryna get rich
I was just out with the clip
These n*ggas thinking they hot
40' Pop, so we lift a n*gga lid
Like run up on him while he walking, yeah
Probably still gone have to chalk him, yeah
Bodyflip like he a dolphin, yeah
Send him high like he a martian, yeah
We ain't with none of that talking, yeah
Hit him til' he nearly rocking, yeah
Talking about really rock em' yeah
Put a n*gga in a coffin, yeah
I'm sipping good, and I'm smoking legal
And I'm shooting sh*t, like Tarantino
All these late nights, got my pockets diesel
I've been serving fiends, they've been using needles
I've been in and out all night
100 corners surfing, Hawaii
n*ggas talk, that sh*t's on sight
You ain't with the sh*ts
Ain't bout' the life