Lyrics : Pandemonium

Ooh, ooh
'Bout to flame that b*t*h with diamonds in Paris

Gettin' that money like a speed racer (Speed racer)
And all my shows, it be pandemonium (It be cursed)
Used to sell drugs right on dawg but J's ain't them (Northside)
Married to the money, quarters on my cranium (Yeah)

Let me show you what I made, yeah (What I made)
Two hundred thousand in two days, yeah (All just two days)
All this pain never stop me, that's what made me
Told me you loved me, couldn't believe you tried to play me (Let's go)

I ate free lunch, then I came up in Valley Park with dawg (With dawg)
Ain't gave me nothin', they criticized me, used to call me dumb (Call me dumb)
My neck on ice and I shot dice, it wasn't for money, yo (Money, yo)
So many drugs, I'm gon' get life, the police runnin' here (Woo)
I can't believe you tried to play me (Can't believe you tried to play me)
I ain't had nothin' but that's what made me (But you thought that I was crazy)
I was small but now I'm bigger
Gettin' money with all my n***as (Let's go)
Every day, still tote that pistol
I'm not no public figure (Skrrt)