Lyrics : ON MY OWN

I came to murder this flow
Its progressive with this sh*t i grabbed the game by the throat
Born and raised in the tone just in case you didn't know
Smoking weed sippin lean eyes low, movin slow

Declined all the time
Comin from the bottom ain't no choice but to climb
Never will i sign to the devil in disguise
You got me f**ked up if you think i listen to the lies

B*t*h im ridin round with that strap
Sleeping on my music might as well just take a nap
Im f**kin on yo main while im runnin up that bag

I remember said ill make it and them motherf**kers laughed
They doubted everyday but now im really makin plays
She f**ked the whole crew she call that a buffet
I pull up skirt skirt they gon talk nun to say

Coming from the jungle gotta recognize my hustle
Ten toes didn't stumble even when my stomach rumbled
Money [?] like its nothing everybody is stressed this is all over disscussion this the lean not no tussin
B*t*h get to suckin im f**kin she love it i cause repercussions then act like its nothing
Im nothing she wish that i wasn't but i am not cuffin i left that hoe something
B*t*h im up next ima count up these checks
Yo hoe give me neck she blows sh*t like the taste