Lyrics : Haterz

Look dis for the haters ill see yo a** later
I? dont give a f**k cuz im gettin the paper
I? keep me a taper im smokin on flavors
I ain't doin favors so get out the way
Love when im broke hate when im paid
Its? not birthday im gettin the cake
Dont? f**k with hoes these b*t*hes is fake
I keep me a pole get shot in yo face
Smokin? the dodi can tell by the taste
You smokin on reggie that sh*t is a waste
Remember them days i was locked ina cage
A whole bunch of rage at a very young age
I? see you lurkin you still on my page
Been sweat n sour jus like lemonade
Dont say that im broke b*t*h look what i made
Your whole life a joke im glad i ain't stayed
Get outta my way thats all i can say these b*t*hes is lame
So stay in yo lane high
High like a plane im smokin on jane
Its f**k all the fame this sh*t is insane
Ain't have no bread not even a grain
A whole lotta pain while i waled through the rain
But i stayed the same young mike neva change
This sh*t kinda strange the way i get [?]
The way i get money this sh*t kinda crazy
I been working hard you can't say that im lazy
These hitters fougasie
Can afford 2 Mercedes
B*t*h want my baby screamin out save me
But she kinda shady she wantin to play me
This sh*t not gravy or wavy
Ima pull up ina brand new Mercedes
Say ima pull up ina brand new Mercedes
Ima pull up with a mother f**kin stick
Got yo b*t*h on my d**k n she jus wanna hit
Im poppin dat pu**y man just like a zit
N she say ima dog b*t*h ima pit
My sh*t legit i cannot quit
Put on a beat like a camel i spit
Call me a swisher the [?] i split
These hitters is clowns we call it a myth
My flow is sick goddamn call it in
Like [?] we came up from nicks
Remember them nights we would go hit them licks
Prayin and hopin i get me a brick
Prayin and hopin i make me a hit
These youtube skits jus part of the mix
Hundred racks but u need u a fix
Trix is for kids you know wat it is