Lyrics : Crime Poetry (Outro)

Oh, this what we doin'?
Aight, alright, bet
I gotta get a little cocky on this one, man
I gotta get a little bocky on this one, ya heard?

Holy fuckin' moly, I'm a superstar
I drive super cars
I fuck the smartest women, I fuck stupid broads
They know who I is, they know who I are
Fill this cup up like a battery and now I'm supercharged
Fill this blunt up, take off like a rocket, I see super stars
Moon and Mars
Put a message on a bullet, now they know who my shooters are (Grr)
Covered up in these tattoos because we can't remove the scars
Turn myself into a boss, a CEO, I'm who in charge, uh
In love with the game, Cupid shot me through the heart, huh
Had to break up with fame because it broke my mood apart
Man, I chase them checks so much I nearly tore my shoes apart
I'm not a rapper, I'm an artist, bitch, do not confuse the art, no

Just let that sink in
I'ma let that, I'ma let that sink in
Uh, uh, uh

Who do I trust?
Me, that's who, I do what I must
I do what I love
You do what you lust, I don't do it for luck
I do it for bucks
I do it for blessings, turn my L into lessons
This is a message
I don't hear you haters, must be losin' reception
I am the plug (Woo)
My only connect is connect with the money
Don't fuck with my money (Woo)
The chopper will dump, now you jumpin' like bungee
Was raised in the city, was raised in the country
They pour up the Henny, they pour up the muddy
Cut the bitch off, had to get in some cutty
The prettiest nigga but shit could get ugly
I got a blue heart but I throw up the Bloody
The money, the blue, that's word to Kentucky
Don't care about shit
The liquor, it numb me
You hate me, you hate me, you love me, you love me
They leave when it rain, they come when it sunny
The Grinch in my pocket, that's why they so grumpy
She said that I'm cute, but cute is for puppies
Bitch, I'm a dog
Just feed me and fuck me, uh
And roll up a blunt while you rub me
Put dick in your box, you put food in my tummy (Food in my tummy)
When we get home, better take off them clothes and no phones, put your hair in a scrunchy (Hair in a scrunchy)
Freak in the sheets but a queen in the streets, got me singin', like, "Isn't she lovely?"
I hate on niggas bitchin', listen, trigger finger itchn', just call me a junkie
Woo, uh, uh, uh
This shit is deeper than rap
This is above me
I am the monkey that's stuck in the middle of misunderstandin' and judgment
They think that they bringin' me down (No)
But I'm up to somethin' (I'm up to somethin')
I'm here and I'm stickin' around (Huh)
This is not up for discussion, nigga, huh?
Gimme some head until you get a concussion, yeah
To me, it's just normal, to some, it's disgustin', yeah
Yeah, throw her ass on the bed when she's fussin' and cussin', uh
Like, assume the position, stop makin' assumptions
Without the support, I am nothin'
Shout out my producer, I can't forget the production
I broke a few hearts, had to do some construction
I swear it's so hard to ignore that seduction
Red dot on the Glock, look like she blushin'
I'ma just shit on them niggas that thought they were stoppin' my toilet from flushin'