Lyrics : Priorities

I got a list of priorities
Gotta thank God for supporting me
Yea I’m a star who recording me
Nah you’ll never get bored of me
Baby do me good she rewarding me
Money over love it means more to me
Yea I’m a star who recording me
Getting rich my priority

I gotta list to get
Before I’m gone I’m making history
Them boys been falling like its slippery
I been on my grind she been missing me
Word who dissing me?
I put the beef on rotisserie
Got gold diggers making inquiries
I keep it lowkey, I like a mystery
Yea It took time, but I caught it
Now they looking bitter when they comments
No, it’s not an easy process
They tried to nail me down in a coffin
Now I’m all she imagines
Might hit the woods get a cabin
Might record it on the cannon
Ima take it all ima bandit