Lyrics : Ryu & Ken

Oh we gotta turn up the guitars up in the mix right, yeah
Let's drop on here
'Til my situ-
Yeah, psych
You keep that, f**k it
Hey Gunner, we live, Fox 5

'Til my situation better, I'ma tell it to whoever
Tell whoever wanna clock, that I'll be infinite forever
n***a be talkin' reckless, I ain't even 'bout to test ya
Make his girl and his sister experiment together, I'm cold, go
Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, we Lebron and Kyrie
Bounce back off the ropes, young Muhammad Ali
Right back on yall ass, doin' the knee to wall dash
I'm hoppin' out of the trash with a mask, dead presidents, n***a, uh
Yo, uh
I want dead presidents to represent me
Raise Hell 'til our demons figure out how to pray
Andale, andale, ee-ha, ee-ha
These n***as Speedy Gonzalez, they rat and be gone, hol' up
n***as are singers, Céline Dion, f**k these peons
Trunk space, shovel
Know the barrel be doubles, I'm sendin' 'em out in couples
I'm sendin' 'em through your huddle
I leave the circle in puddles
Uh, your puddle a circle of blood
My karma f**ked up, I know n***as servin' they blood
I come from the mud, I had to wash it off with suds
Dirty money, mop it
Cleanin' Benjis with the Dove
Irish spring cleanin', left my demons in the tub
I upgraded from dubs, they upgraded they love
Motherf**k love, my poppa was on drugs, late night without a grub
Starve and pluck, now I charge 'em up, I'm the plug
I'm the king of the castle, dig my thing from the gravel
Arteries, bullets travel, I bloody up his apparel
Bloody his apparel, now they red bottoms
Don't check if that n***a breathin', n***as headshot him
Spot him and we caught 'em, be a body when you hear about him
I want my cousin to get out but the feds got him
When I see the bruh who snitch we gon' red dot him like a Hindu, I'm in the air like a DJ [?], I'm the loudest of the loud
I'm the flyest of the fly, when it comes to firearms I got Ryu and Ken moves
You ain't, bully fightin', ain't got the guile to try to try us
You M. Bison, you back down and try light out, no
Switch to Tekken, I'm a Devil off the Jin
Holy flow, she go to Heaven off the pen
I'm a juul but I don't ever hit the pen
Now I'm takin' off the doo-ee and she learnin' how to swim