Lyrics : Battle

Pussy worth more than the diamonds on my neck
Say the dick better when it come with a check
She said, wanna see her wet, go fuck up a check
You too stingy with that money you remind her of her ex
You ain't ballin' is you ballin'?
You smokin gas or smokin' hookah?
Big blunts longer than a ruler
You in yo zone you with yo shoota
Like what you valet park? Lamb?
Where your AmEx card?
Tonight you buying the bar (I am)
I know you gon go hard

Naked bitches on the pole
Naked bitches on the floor
Naked bitch came with a naked bitch I ain't never seen that nigga bitch before
He ain't throw ones on the floor he bold
She ain't throw that ass on the floor she stole
Last nigga she was fuckin' with didn't work, that's the reason she gon she work that pole
Hit her on her butt with a paddle
I'm the principal she the student
You know she can't fuck with a coward
They don't wanna see me when I pull up in a Audi
Young rich nigga sellin bricks by the hour
Shawty got a whole lot of junk in the trunk
I just wanna see that big booty rattle
Gang Gang