Lyrics : Comin’ Thru

Pop the bottle cap
Dog this ain't no top model rap
Prada, I'm everywhere the dollars at
I'm not your common cat
Bumping Common, been a star since my sonogram
I'm like, I'm like Hollowman, following you even when you can't see
Left shorty with the kids, f*ck a plan B
Sitting comfy getting money was my plan A
Baby show a little love for my man's sake
I'm the same n*gga even when the plans change
Rain check, now you wanna place bets
That's not wise, eyes on the truth
You's a little pup, you only bark in the booth
Yeah, and I'm sparking it too
Hit hard [?] no regard for the youth
I'm a god check the scars for proof
You want bars but I'm charging for loot
Move with the moon
Move to the tune of my own drum
Work the lower by my lonesome
Shorty favorite question can I hold something
Naw, that's exactly what I told 'em
Wiling out Nick Cannon
Hitting Cali for a quick tanning
Me and my fam eat the big salmon
What's the word