Lyrics : Everything You Do

Hmm, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Fresh Ayre

You've been around when I need someone talk to you
Stayin' up late nights at the job too
You still smiled when you knew that it was hard to
And you ain't eat until you knew that we all full
Lord knows, I ain't never let that burden wear you down
So I'm goin' all all out tryna make you proud
And you always pray a nigga lies, I'ma take 'em down
Aimin' at their head, young king, finna take the crown
Oh, all the things you brought me through
Oh, I gotta tell the world 'bout

Everything you do
You held it down for me
You were around for me
Everything you do
You would ride for me
You sacrificed for me
Everything you do
I gotta go harder
Makin' these dollars to do the same for you
And I promise, I'ma keep running for everything you do