Lyrics : Soul Snatched

I'm tired of n*ggas saying what they gon' do when they see me
I'm tired of b*tches acting like they special when they easy
I'm tired of n*ggas acting like they humble when they greedy
I'm tired of n*ggas watching my every move like I'm TV
I'm tired of this sh*t, ain't no nines in the whip
I'm just riding for my clique, you just riding for that b*tch
b*tch I'm doing fine and my b*tch finer than a b*tch
Talking down on my gangster, why you lying with them lips?
n*ggas talk a good game but they lying 'bout that sh*t
b*tch I'm smoking out the P, you can't buy another zip
I'm on vacation every month, you can't buy another trip
My b*tch jealous of the Glock b*tch keep riding on my hip, b*tch
Yeah, sh*t is real real, a Perc 30 what I pop for the chill pill
Can't speak on the price that I get, you know the deal sealed
And every person on me dead like I killed Bill
Only when they out the way, when they be live
And you in trouble if I give them boys the green light
Doing wrong for the good but it seem right
Once chance to show me that you loyal, ain't no three strikes
What should a n*gga cop in Neiman's? I'm indecisive
Why'd I ever trust a b*tch when they be trifling
And I been tryna play for keeps they just keep typing
Was finna throw this sh*t away, bro said keep grinding
You ain't never say that sh*t n*gga be honest
Oh you gon' put holes in me? We gon' see 'bout it
We some young wild n*ggas my whole team violent
And you can ask them OG's n*gga, we silent
n*gga no cap
Stick in both straps
Get yo' bro wacked
n*gga toe tagged
I don't f*ck with n*ggas, that's a known fact
Oppy suckas mugging in the club, where my pole at?
My nerves hella bad in this function, where my dope at?
Talking crazy? You on paperwork, we expose rats
I don't gotta put a hand out, I'm in my own bag
Run off with your life with this clip get your soul snatched

Get your soul snatched, yeah we on that
Got a new chop, I can fold that
This a new whip, these some old raps
n*ggas talking out they neck 'til we blow that
Say at the end of the tunnel there's gon' be some light
Tint so dark up on these buffs that I can't see the light
She can be my ho b*tch but she can't be my wife
Ballin' belly on me b*tch you know I'm eating right
You tryna give that b*tch attention she just need some pipe
Free my n*ggas out that box don't get to see the light
Sliding on n*ggas in the day they ain't gon' see the night
She want a n*gga like T.O. 'cause he don't treat her right
I remember I was broke now I'm up six figures
Had to get it on my own I ain't need no n*gga
But I ain't the type to eat and not feed no n*gga
But you gotta watch them n*ggas that leech on n*ggas
And when you tryna live better this sh*t get tough
But I know it's sh*t I did so my stick still tucked
They shoot shots up at my whip tried to hit me up
b*tch I just came out the bank with like sixty plus
Who you know went gold? Who you know went platinum
b*tch I'm from the V where that don't never happen
They telling me stay humble but I'm still spazzing
If a n*gga take my chain then I'ma quit rapping
Couple n*ggas that I love but we ain't speaking
And I only ride with demons who done shot a demon
Them n*ggas speaking on my name then they gon' die for speaking
My b*tch said, "Treat me like your Glock 'cause you'll never leave it"

I remember I was down now I got it
You don't wanna lose your life then you should never leave without it
Talking on the net but when we see 'em they be silent
n*ggas saying they gon' stream me when they see me but I doubt it
I don't believe it, I just don't see it
I know some n*ggas who gon' drill 'em for no reason
Just 'cause I said it and I meant it
n*ggas say they thuggin', that don’t match the way they living
That don’t match the way they living
n*ggas say they thuggin', that don’t match the way they living
Gon' do it 'cause I said it and I meant it
n*ggas say they thuggin', that don’t match the way they living